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Who We Are

A small Lilliputian which has done a Herculean task is Potato tuber. It was Potato that opened the doors of Industrial Revolution in Europe. It sustained the Capitalism during the Great Depression. Those were the times when Potato envied coal. Siddharth Starch is pioneer in Potato Starch in India. Rigorous R&D coupled with consistent innovations resulted in making the Country self sufficient for Potato Starch. Consultation, Interaction with academicians has enabled us to make Modified Starches indigenously, thus taking one more leap in “Make in India”.

History & Purpose

In Year 2003 Water Conservationist and Magsaysay awardee Dr. Rajendrasinh Rana entrusted the work of Conservation & Indigenisation to Mr. Madaney, his obsession with the idea of manufacturing potato starch indigenously coupled with social commitment laid the foundation of Potato Starch manufacturing in India. Purpose of Siddharth Starch is Sustainability and Social commitment. Reduce, Recycle & Reuse are the pillars on which Siddharth Starch’s foundation is laid.


We believe in quality

Quality & Safety has always been at the forefront of our operations. Each of our working has been programmed to achieve the utmost level of excellence with safety. Right from raw material procuring to manufacturing to packaging, each stage involve's stringent quality checks and SOP's. With one of the most sophisticated drying systems, modern laboratory, CIP system, safety devices, trained staff coupled with continuous monitoring has enabled us to manufacture native Potato Starch complying Global parameter's.
Every batch is tested for Moisture Viscosity, Ash Content, pH and Particle size distribution. Every consignment is provided a copy of an analysis report of above parameters for respective batch.